Campus Marketing

Effective Penetration of the Student Market

Total coverage of all UK universities, by a dedicated and professional full-time staff is not a pipe dream. Nordic, with more than twenty years experience in this area, can deliver this comprehensive service today.

Leaflet distribution and postering, carried out by our experienced staff, nationwide, with their intimate knowledge of every university campus, hall of residence and student village in the UK, can solve once and for all the problem of maximum penetration at all university sites.

From a product survey on a few selected sites to a nationwide campaign, Nordic has a team to complete the task.

No other company can guarantee to reach students from Aberdeen to Plymouth, Aberystwyth to Norwich.

No other company can guarantee to totally cover every single higher education institution in London.

Nordic can and does!

For more details please call Brian Moore.

Telephone +44 (0)1948 841220 or Fax +44 (0)1948 840063

Web Promotion: Nordic's web site has phenomenal hit rates during the peak selling time from September to June each year. Target your product to students by advertising on this site. Ring Brian today on the number above.